UniFiji production ‘Julius Caesar’ plays tonight

University of Fiji Dean of JDP School of Law Professor Shaista Shameem. Picture: SUPPLIED/UniFiji

THE University of Fiji’s production of the play “Julius Caesar” will take place this evening at The Playhouse, Selbourne Street, Suva, from 6pm-8pm.

According to the university, the play is part of an innovative new project undertaken by the Justice Devendra Pathik School of Law to unify legal technical competence and experience with legal values to students.

Dean of JDP School of Law Professor Shaista Shameem said the idea to produce annual legal plays came from the fact that law students needed practice in speaking skills because litigation required confidence and a keen appreciation of performance and theatre.

“Producing a play annually is not only about teaching our students how to use language to best effect or learning how to memorise,” she said.

“We deliberately choose plays which allow students to explore certain legal values, concepts and themes.

“We would like our students, whether through performance via producing plays or as the audience, to learn that understanding the law is more than just acquisition of technical competence.”

The first play “Antigone” was performed by the School in 2017.

The School of Law plays are directed by Matt Young, acting coach and chairperson of the Fiji Arts Club in Suva, and produced by the University of Fiji’s JDP School.

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