Uni students work on village water project

MEDICAL students from universities in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji have worked under the Fiji Village Project to create a sustainable water source for villagers of Gusuisavu in Naitasiri.

FVP is an international humanitarian project which brings together medical students to work towards a common goal since its inception in 2008.

Local team co-ordinator for FNU students, Solomone Tanuku said Gusuisavu Village was chosen after third year students of the campus conducted a community needs assessment program which identified the village did not have a safe water supply line.

“Our third year students chose Gusuisavu because in terms of water supply, they do not have a government main line that supplies safe drinking water to the village,” he said.

Mr Tanuku said the villagers had built a dam, but during drought season once water levels dropped, they resorted to using river water.

FVP gave water tanks to Gusuisavu Village to help provide safe drinking water for villagers.

“We are providing them with three water tanks which has a total capacity of 30,600 litres and is designed in a rainwater catchment system to ensure that the water is safe to drink,” he said.

Mr Tanuku said villagers were also provided some medical services.

“We also provide free medical screening, dental screening, health awareness talks and also circumcision for young boys with the help of the medical officer in charge at the Naqali Health Centre,” Mr Tanuku said.

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