Uni program accredited

STUDENTS enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Early childhood education and care) program at the University of the South Pacific (USP) from this year now have a reason to study harder.

This, after the program was internationally accredited by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and added to its list of approved qualifications.

Head of School of Education Professor Govinda Lingam said the accreditation was a first for the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education for any of its programs.

“It is a milestone achievement for the School of Education and of course to the faculty and the university as a whole that our program has been recognised in Australia and if it’s recognised there, then it could be recognised elsewhere,” he said.

“This was made possible by us submitting to ACECQA all the necessary documents related to the program. They had a template and we had to adhere to their requirements and we did that towards the end of last year.

“Since education is the basis for development of a nation, it is essential that we achieve better educational outcomes and this is possible with a provision of high quality teacher education and training.

“Our aim now is to have all our teacher education programs validated by international accreditations as this would demonstrate the standard of our programs.”

Prof Lingam highlighted the importance of the accreditation and how it would help a student to have a better chance in their pursuit for employment after graduation.

“Those who are enrolled in this program from this year now should be happier as they will be more marketable. The accreditation will be valid for five years until May 2022,” he said.

Prof Lingam also said they had submitted relevant paperwork for the Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching Program to be accredited by a United Kingdom organisation.

Meanwhile, program co-ordinator Dr Lavinia Tiko said it was a lengthy process constructively aligning the program towards ACECQA standards without compromising the values and the contextual needs of the Pacific people.

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