Unforgettable experience

“IT looked like the village was bombed by mortars — like somewhere in Iraq.”

That’s how Delaiyadua Village turaga ni koro Samuela Sorova described the village after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston swept through the district of Bureiwai in the Ra Province last Saturday.

He explained when the villagers woke up the next morning, they thought they were in a war zone because of the damage and loss caused by Severe TC Winston.

Not a single house in the village was spared and many houses were left with only their foundations.

Mr Sorova said they were getting food from the village store and were surviving as well on green coconuts.

Mr Sorova, 55, said village elders had always told them about cyclones normally affecting the western part of Viti Levu and Severe TC Winston was the first they had ever seen with such destructive winds.

He said they were forced to take shelter in the school and some villagers were hurt by pieces of corrugated iron from houses.

When team from this newspaper visited the village on Tuesday, villagers were repairing a single house in which to take refuge.

Mr Sorova said some families had only the clothes on their backs and they were drinking water from streams around the village to survive.

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