Unemployment shatters dream

22 year old Railala Mavoa holds onto her credentials from the Fiji National University. She is still looking for a job after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the Fiji National University last year. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

IT’S every child’s dream to complete their education, get a job and repay their parents what they did for them.

This has always been something Railala Mavoa, the eldest in a family of three children, wanted to do after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the Fiji National University last year.

However, 17 months on, the 22-year-old is still searching for an employment to help her fulfil that dream.

The latest results of the Tebbutt-Times poll has revealed that personal wealth including employment were the three big issues for voters going into the 2018 General Election.

A total of 81 per cent of those polled said personal wealth was one of the three big election issues going into next month’s polls. Fifty-one per cent of those polled mentioned the cost of living or wages, 39 per cent said unemployment or jobs was also an issue going into next month’s polls while 34 per cent named poverty as one of the biggest issues.

Ms Mavoa hopes to get a job in an agriculture related field but said it was unfair she had not been able to find employment.

“I’m interested in sustaining our environment and especially farming so that’s why I took up the program which I graduated in,” she said.

“I was always confident that I would get a job straight after graduating because when we graduated we have the certificate that helps us to secure a job, but that has not been the case. “It’s very unfair.”

Ms Mavoa said the relevant authorities should do something to address such issues.

“I think Government should do something about it because we’ve earned our certificates, we schooled for three years just to get that degree and it’s not worth it if we are still waiting like this.”

She said she had applied to five places most of which were government ministries but nothing had come forward. “I started sending out job applications straight after graduating in May last year.

“It’s useless for parents to keep sending us to school even though there is free education because when you complete tertiary and graduate, there is no job. “I have had to look for other part time jobs outside of my field of study while I wait to hear from those applications,” she added.

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