Undersized fish confiscated

Kawakawa and Donu. Picture: FT FILE

UNDERSIZED fish  were confiscated earlier this week in the Central Division from vendors in Vatuwaqa and Nakasi.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Fisheries in a statement today.

The Ministry had issued a public notice on June 6 stating a legal ban on the collection, sale and exportation of kawakawa and donu during their peak breeding months where fishermen and vendors were given a grace period till June 11 to sell off any stock of these fish on the local market.

The Ministry’s Director, Aisake Batibasaga said the fish that are being confiscated are intended to send an important and clear message.

“It is now illegal to collect, sell or export kawakawa and donu during the seasonal ban which runs from June until September,” he said.

This week, the Ministry will be making similar confiscations around the country.

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