UN announces deal

SANAA – The UN envoy to Yemen says an accord has been reached to “resolve the current crisis” after a week of deadly fighting between Shi’ite rebels and pro-government forces.

Jamal Benomar’s announcement yesterday came hours after the government imposed a curfew in parts of the capital because of the intensity of the fighting, which has left dozens dead as the rebels demand political change.

The combat prompted both a suspension of international flights to Sanaa and an interruption of broadcasts by state television for the second straight day.

Forces allied to the government have been battling to halt the rebels, who swept into Sanaa from their mountain stronghold in the northwest weeks ago and set up protest camps to press their demands.

Mr Benomar said in a statement the deal came after “intense consultations with all the political parties, including (rebels) Ansarullah, to resolve the current crisis based on the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference”.

The statement stated preparations were under way to sign the agreement.

Mr Benomar said the accord would be a “national document that will advance the path of peaceful change, and will lay the foundations for national partnership and for security and stability in the country”.

He said he regretted the continuing bloodshed and reiterated that the “time has now come to overcome narrow interests and that the higher national interest should prevail”.

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