Ugly and sad sight

I often walk around the USP Laucala Campus early morning. It disgusts me to see the rubbish left around the seats provided for the comfort of the students, the very students who create the rubbish.

Provided, also, for their convenience are rubbish bins; very good, expensive ones with wheels and lids. To digress slightly, it beats me how the lids are smashed. It must take some force to cause such destruction.

It surely couldn’t come from the act of simply putting rubbish in them. It begs the question: Do we have students who willfully cause damage to USP property?

These bins are situated within arm’s length of anyone sitting on the seats. The rubbish comprises mostly plastic bottles and polystyrene food containers. It is an ugly and sad sight indeed.

Of greater concern, I believe, are the USP students who do these things and who will, one day, be making decisions about how the Pacific Islands will be managed and governed.

I believe some students have no pride in their environment and no concern for others who share it. Such actions demonstrate ignorance and arrogance.

USP’s motto reads “Towards Excellence in Learning and Knowledge Creation”. It should also include something about shaping responsible Pacific Island citizens.

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