UAE General Civil Aviation Authority sign Air transport agreements with Kiribati and Vanuatu

DUBAI, 27 NOVEMBER 2018 (CENTRE FOR AVIATION) – The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), signed final agreements on air transport services with Kiribati and Vanuatu in Dubai to boost bilateral air relationships between UAE and the two countries.

The UAE remains to be the country with the most signed number of open skies agreements.

Saif Mohamed Al Suwaidi, the Director General of the GCAA, who signed on behalf of the UAE, said, “These final agreements implementing the open sky policy aims to explore new prospects and line up with aviation development march for the national carriers to enhance cooperation and economic bonds between UAE and the other countries. The GCAA strategy is to find growth opportunities and facilitate the commercial exchange process in the aviation sector.

“We are proud that the UAE is a pioneer and the country with the most signed open sky agreements, and is always exerting efforts to promote this policy globally”

Al Suwaidi also confirmed that the signing of open sky policies aims to expand commercial and tourism relationships with countries, and support the development opportunities of all national carries in the UAE as well as stimulating free competition.

Air transport agreements between countries are governed by laws and principles established by ICAO to control air transport between regions of countries. The UAE encourages other countries to sign open sky agreements to facilitate air transport movement globally.

The GCAA is the Federal authority sponsoring management of the airspace and aviation movement in the country and exerts diligent efforts for the excellence of the sector.

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