Two test positive, drug use worries Fiji FA

THE Fiji Football Association will come down hard on players tested positive for drugs.

This follows a recent incident regarding two national reps who have been tested positive for drugs during the team’s preparation against the Philippines.

Late last year, a former national and Lautoka star was also tested positive and was handed a three year suspension by the parent body.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf said the names of the two national reps would be revealed after the completion of another test in one month’s time.

He said players had been warned to refrain from using drugs but to keep the sport clean.

“We won’t release the names now but I can confirm two national reps were tested positive during our random checks while the team was in camp,” said Yusuf.

“We will wait for one month before we can release their names once the results are confirmed positive.

“It’s unfortunate that senior players are being involved but they will be dealt with accordingly if found guilty and Fiji FA will come down hard on them.”

Yusuf said there were a few other players in the senior division still suspended for drugs.

He said random test would continue at major tournaments this year including the Vodafone National League competition.

Yusuf added club and district officials have been urged to educate the players on the issue.

Meanwhile, the Fiji FA delegation would present its reguregu to the family of the late Pita Dau tomorrow before the funeral on Saturday.

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