Two pregnant women escorted through floodwaters

Police Officers assist Loata Rauga of Vadravadra village cross the flooded Wailailai flats in Ba on Friday night. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

TWO pregnant women were escorted by police officers on a fibreglass boat through the Wailailai Crossing in Ba on Friday night.

In need of urgent medical attention, the women were transported to the Ba Mission Hospital and the Lautoka Hospital.

According to a police officer, one of the women from Tavua was transferred to the Lautoka Hospital for surgery.

The second woman from Votua Village was taken to the Ba Mission Hospital.

“They’re the only cases that we were allowed to transport across,” said the officer.

“We’ve been told to only take emergency cases and those that need to evacuate.”

In a statement yesterday, Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu stressed the importance of Fijians adhering to the curfews imposed by the Fiji National Disaster Management Office.

He said while the curfew was to prevent non-essential movements, medical emergencies were allowed.

“Please do not let the curfew stop anyone from getting medical assistance if they urgently need to do so,” he said.

“If you need help, call the police. If you have the means to move, please move to safety.”

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