Twelve chefs compete for spot

IN a move to promote gender equality in Fiji’s culinary industry, 12 female professional chefs have been participating in a rigorous six-month competition for a chance to study in Korea.

Chosen from top resorts across the country, the women took part in the second phase of the Master Class Chefs competition yesterday in Nadi where duck was used as a main ingredient.

The dish was then judged by celebrity chef Lance Seeto.

One of the professional chefs behind the non-profit event, Coliseum managing director Vanlentin Corchado, said there were some promising talent among the 12 competitors.

“We are seeing some exceptional talent among these ladies and it’s very encouraging to see,” he said.

“They cooked their own duck recipes and we had executive Lance Seeto who made a special dish that they had to emulate.

“We started the Master Class competition in May and this is the second phase.

“Even though it’s a competition, we are also training them.

“They are not being eliminated from the competition so each one of them is learning during the competition.

“But there will only be one chef chosen to go to Korea for three months.

“They’ll be going to a very prestigious culinary school where they can learn more about the trade and get even more experience.”

He said the winner would be announced this week.

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