Tuwai’s faith

Jerry Tuwai. Picture: FIJI RUGBY UNION

JERRY Tuwai says he has faith in the 7s team and management and promises they will come back stronger.

Tuwai was at the launch of the 2023 Bula Business House Futsal Soccer League where Tuwai Investment Pte Ltd and Burger King will be co-sponsors.

He said the side was going through transitions and the development process. “I know that is not an excuse but I promise we will come back stronger and get back on top,” an emotional Tuwai said.

“I’m always concerned about the team and the boys and I trust them and the coach and management.

“We never play to lose, we always play to win, we always give our heart out whenever we play and I know we had not been performing to the expectation of Fijians because of our past achievements ” I just ask the people to support us and give us their full support and believe us that we will do it again.

He said the attack on social media platforms was unacceptable.

“I have seen a lot of people talking about the boys and that has put us down, criticise us and criticise the coaches, management and all of us, especially myself because of that expectation,” he said.

“I cannot say anything else about my boys but I can say I believe in them, I stand by them and stand by the coaches and we are always ready to give everything for our country and the pride of our nation — 7s. And that is why I get emotional when I talk about that because I trust them and I know will come back stronger.

Meanwhile, Tuwai is among the nominees in the FASANOC men’s player of the year, the men’s team for the team of the year category while former coach Gareth Baber is vying for the coach of the year award.

“I’m really grateful for the nomination, even though we had not been performing to the expectation of the nation, we have been going through a lot of transitions and a lot of new boys coming in and filling the gaps that have been left by the old players,” he said.

“I’m really blessed to be nominated for the category and we are blessed as a team and I think the former coach too will be happy with the nomination of his award.

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