Tuvalu’s mission

TUVALU volleyball team will use the Oceania Volleyball club championship as a platform to expose their young talents.

Captain Misiaga Ioane said they were here for exposure and to gain experience.

“Fiji volleyball team are tough teams to beat and to play against some of the top clubs in Fiji will help us identify our strength and most of all make use of our game plan,” Ioane said.

“Our team consists of young players who are yet to be exposed in the international level of competition.”

The 17-year-old Funafuti lad said the players knew what was required and they would work hard to learn from some of the top teams in Fiji.

“Our oppositions will be firing at us and we have to be prepared for that. We have to be alert and be cautious with how we plan so that we can avoid making mistakes that can cost us to lose the match but overall we are prepared for what Fiji teams have for us in these three days of competition.”

Tuvalu is the only overseas team while the other 13 teams are locally-based.

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