Tuvalu tells of climate attack

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has told the COP23 meeting in Germany his nation was being attacked by the impacts of climate change.

The Global Climate Action Day on Oceans and Coastal Zones heard the latest scientific evidence on ocean warming, acidification, de-oxygenation, sea-level rise and increased storm activity.

It also discussed how these impacts made people more vulnerable to migration and displacement.

Enele Sopoaga said it was time to insist on global action.

“Oceans are a source of life for Tuvalu. But now it’s being attacked by the impacts of climate change. The coral reefs are bleaching, acidification and also the ocean is causing a lot of erosion.

“So I think we must continue to insist that those who are causing green house gas and global warming to stop doing that,” the PM said.

The Permanent Mission of Tuvalu to the UN had also proposed a resolution to create a legal framework for people displaced by climate change.

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