Turagakece wants to win gold

Acarukumi Turagakece at the State House last week during the Team Fiji Special Olympics itatau. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

“IF Iliesa Delana can win a gold medal, I also can win gold.”

These were the sentiments made by Acarukumi Turagakece who was selected to represent Fiji in the Special Olympics open water swimming in Abu Dhabi this month.

The 25-year-old lad from Cuvu Village in Nadroga is part of the team Fiji known as “the people with determination” to compete against 197 countries and 7000 participants.

Turagakece was confident with his preparation and said nothing was impossible if there was faith to win.

“I have been training hard and I believe that I can also win a gold medal just like Iliesa Delana who won gold in the same event in 2012.

“If there’s a will then there’s a way and I will try my best to do my country proud,” said Turagakece.

“I will compete in the open water swimming event and I trained every day except Sunday and Fijian Shangri-La Resort has been assisting me with my training and I would like to thank them for that.

For the past years, Turagakece has always admired how the Fiji 7s players are praised for their victory and he wants to win for the people and make them happy and be proud Fijians.

“I am ready for this world event and focused to achieve my goal but I am also concerned of my travels because this will be my first time on an airplane. Unlike any other overseas trip to Australia and New Zealand or even domestically, this will be a long ride and I am trying to tell myself that it will be fine especially in take-offs and turbulences,” Turagakece said.

“The reaction of the people when the Fiji 7s team won the Olympic Games in 2016 and Delana’s achievement in 2012 had an impact in my life to do something that will make my family, village and country proud and that moment has arrived.”

The Fiji team to the Special Olympics will depart tomorrow.

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