Turaga keeps bula alive in corporate wear

Designer Jofus Turaga. Picture: SUPPLIED

TURAGA, the name seemed almost a cliche but Jofus is anything but common, something he ensured was loudly said at last nights Fiji Fashion Week Resort Cruise show.
Having helped to retail the work of another FJFW great, Robert Kennedy, Jofus Turaga clearly had some idea what fabrics works in the tropical.
Combining Pacific colours, islanders obsession with floral motifs and creating them against a corporate background, Jofus offers an option for fashion forward professionals.
“Actually my connection was all about celebrating and incorporating corporate and bula wear together but keeping the bula wear alive,” he said.
“It’s something that you can wear and still remain formal at the same time.”
A first timer, Jofus was impressed with the other designs on the runway at Day 1 of FJFW.
“I thought other designers were great and they were all great in their own unique wear, it’s something that FJFW is always promoting that we can always come with new ideas, new faces on the runway.”

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