Tunisian Rugby disappointed at Zimbabwe rugby team

Members of the Zimbabwe rugby team asleep on the streets outside of their hotel in Tunisia. Picture: BBC

THE Tunisian Rugby Union has expressed its disappointment on members of the Zimbabwe rugby team who slept outside their hotel on the streets while in Tunisia for a 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifier match last weekend.

In a statement released by Tunisia Rugby Union, it stated that proper arrangements were made for the Zimbabwe delegation but it seemed the visitors had a problem even before they reached the hotel.

The statement said that the Zimbabwe players and officials were stranded for four hours at the airport because they denied to pay the entry visa fees, a norm in African countries.

After four hours of delay, the team finally agreed to pay from where the players had lunch and then travelled to check-in a 2-star hotel (as approved by the Ministry of Tourism – Tunisia) where all members of the Zimbabwe delegation were entitled to dinner, it stated.

At 11pm, the head of the Zimbabwe delegation complained about the state of a bathroom in one of the rooms, the lack of swimming pool and the low internet speed and started talking about leaving the hotel, the statement added.

The statement added that the Tunisian rugby executives tried to please them to stay for the night and arrangements would be made by the morning but the visitors did not agree and spent the remainder of the night on the streets.

The Zimbabwe delegation was transferred to a new hotel the next morning where they apologised for their behaviour.

The Tunisia Rugby Union expressed its deep regret for the unfortunate event and unethical actions of the Zimbabwean delegation.

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