Tuna is most consumed fish

WORLD Tuna Day was yesterday celebrated to raise awareness on the importance of protecting ‘the most widely consumed fish in the world’ for future generations. The Pacific Community (SPC) in a statement said through their Oceanic Fisheries Programme tuna tagging voyages, scientists have tagged more than 430,000 individual fish and released them into the Pacific Ocean.
“These tags are gradually recovered over months and even years, and provide data to monitor mortality, movement and growth of tagged fish. These data are used to understand the health of tuna stocks and the impact of fishing practices,” it said.
“The last tuna-tagging voyage went through the waters of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Building on the hundreds of thousands of tags released since the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme began in 2006, the next voyage will be departing from the Marshall Islands in July this year.”
Meanwhile French Polynesia has implemented OnBoard, an SPC developed application used by longline fishers as an electronic logsheet to report effort and catch data. This allowed for data to be collected and transmitted efficiently to an integrated data management system that gives managers access near real time information.


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