Tuisova takes on 7s challenge

IN Paris, a Fijian player is known as the “Beast” but it is not Semi Kunatani.

Josua Tuisova, who plays for Toulon and is the younger brother of Pio Tuwai, is known as the Beast and is clearly a crowd favourite.

After Fiji’s first match against Scotland, young fans and the media scrambled to get an interview with him.

Scoring two tries for Fiji in that match, Tuisova had clearly accepted the challenge put forth by Ryan.

“Two hours before the match, when I told Josh (Tuisova) that he was playing — he looked scared,” Vodafone Fiji 7s coach, Ben Ryan said.

As Ryan said the fear was more to do with disappointing Fijian fans.

“The standard of sevens in Fiji is so high and when you get selected you know you have to perform,” Ryan said.

Yesterday, Ryan was thankful that Tuisova had played for Fiji once at the Wellington Sevens in 2013, which makes him ineligible to play for another country

Otherwise, he would have been playing with Virimi Vakatawa for France. A French journalist said Tuisova was well known in Paris and called the Beast because of his ferocious tackles. The inclusion of the overseas players has not had a great impact on the team which only trained together last week.

“Nakarawa (Leone) and Ice (Isake Katonibau) played together for Army while Josh and Pio are roommates.”

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