Tsunami drill organised for agencies in Nasese red zone

Drill participants gathered at the assembly point. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE

THE second tsunami drill was conducted today in collaboration with seven agencies located along the Nasese peninsula in Suva, an area labelled the red zone.

The drill took place at around 11am where about 2000 employees of the various agencies walked up to the Nasova Police ground, through the President’s compound leading to the ITC Complex at Beckley Crescent, which was the assembly point.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) coordinated the drill, which involved the closing of the Queen Elizabeth Drive from the Bowling Club to the Fiji Inland Revenue and Customs Services.

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs administration officer Kinisimere Korodrau said they were able to complete two scenarios provided by the NDMO – one to locate a missing person and the other to get a casualty to higher ground.

She said they managed to finish a 20-minute drill in 15 minutes, which was well executed.

Workers in selected offices located the Nasese red zone evacuate their buildings in today’s tsunami drill. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs HR and Asset Management manager Joseph Kacilala, whose team was responsible for the ministry’s evacuation plans, said they had achieved a milestone today.

Mr Kacilala said they had been trying to get access to evacuate through the President’s compound for a few years and now, they had finally obtained the approval in collaboration with the other agencies.

The other agencies that participated in the drill are the Ministry of Land and Mineral Resources, iTaukei Trust Fund Board, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police Academy, and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services.

Mr Kacilala said the tsunami drill siren was coordinated by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, and National Disaster.

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