Try to eat a fruit every day

Fruits are really important for everyone’s diet because the health benefits are truly amazing. Babies, children and adults should eat fruit every day and make it a habit.

It’s important to start your day with a fresh fruit. It is an ideal option for breakfast, as a snack or dessert.

Most fruits are sweet and ready for you to munch on.

Take an apple, a mango, soursop, pawpaw or a banana and just enjoy. Remember to always have fresh fruit available at home.

If you have good choices available, you and your family will make good choices. Creative and Healthy family website says children are now eating highly processed snacks that are nutritionally poor and a threat to their health.

These products are loaded with artificial colours, flavours, refined sugars and are super high in calories.

Kids are eating more refined sugars than ever before.

The Center for Disease Control, the leading national public health institute of the United States, says by 2050, one in three people will have diabetes.

You can improve your health and change that by switching many of these unhealthy snack options for fruits. Eating more fresh fruit will help you stay away from processed food.

Fruit comes from nature and the closer to nature, the better for your health will be.

Fruits are naturally low in fat, calories, and have key nutrients that your child needs to grow. Fruit helps protect you from illnesses.

Top 10 reasons why you need to eat fruits

* Eating lots of fruit lowers the risk of developing disease;

* Fruit makes you strong;

* Water content in fruit makes your skin soft and well hydrated;

* All fruit has antioxidants which combats free radicals;

* Fruit is high in fibre, helping ward off fats and cholesterol from the body

* Fruit is nutrient dense, and provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals;

* Fruit makes you glow;

* Fruit boosts brain power;

* Fruit makes you feel energised and healthy;

* Fruit keeps your digestive system happy/

So from now on try stocking up on your fruits available from the market to ensure amazing habits for your family’s good health.

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