Trust matters for netball association

Update: 4:02PM FIJI Men’s and Mix Netball Asociation Executive Committee are working on gaining the trust of its members as they prepare for the 2017 FMMNA National Championship held at the Lawaqa Hardcourts in Nadroga this Saturday.

Secretary Jioweli Vakamoce said that this year, there were only three districts taking part and they were Suva being the current champion in the three categories – Open Men, Open Mixed and Under 23; Lautoka and Nadroga.

“Some of the districts indicated their interests to be part of this tournament but due to non-payment of affiliation fees, the committee decided not to include them this year,” Vakamoce said.

“We have received so many complaints about this from our members and we feel that there is a need to get our member’s trust back.”

Vakamoce said they were also looking to participate in international tournaments next year.

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