Trisha is Suva Primary School dux 2018

Year 8 student Trisha Narayan was awarded the Dux award at the Suva Primary Schools annual awards ceremony this afternoon. Picture: VILIMAINA NAQELEVUKI

YEAR 8 student Trisha Narayan was awarded the dux award for Suva Primary School this afternoon.

Trisha said she felt a rush of emotions when her name was called out to get her award.

“Right now I’m feeling really excited and really happy I really can’t explain how I feel at the moment ,” she said.

She said she had aimed to get the dux award ever since year 1.

“Getting the dux was a dream I set myself for ever since I entered in year one at this school and getting it today and I am so proud because I’ve made my parents ,my friend and all the people that I care for very happy,” she said.

She said students should continue to work as hard as they can so they could achieve great things in life

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