Trio to appear in High Court

THE case of a 34-year-old woman alleged to have brazenly robbed three Indian tourists after spiking their drinks, hours after they arrived in the country, will be heard before the High Court in Lautoka today.

Roshnil Vikashni Singh is alleged to have committed the crime with the help of two unemployed Nadi men — Chandar Prakash and Ankur Kumar.

The trio appeared at the Lautoka Magistrates Court yesterday, each charged with three counts of aggravated robbery.

The court heard the Indian nationals contacted Ms Singh after arriving in Nadi on the morning of March 30. She was alleged to have arranged their transport from Nadi to the Lautoka Returned Servicemen League apartments where all accused were waiting.

The visitors claim they were offered “Pulpy” to drink which rendered them unconscious. They woke up at 8.30pm that same night, only to find their money, jewellery, phones and clothes missing.

The theft was reported to police and quick action resulted in the recovery of cash and belongings valued at more than $17,000.

Magistrate Rangajeeva Wimalasena allowed a request by police prosecutor Sergeant Arvind Kumar that bail to all three be denied and the case be transferred to the High Court to be heard at the earliest possible date because the visitors had to return to their home country.

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