Trickle-down effect

I believe when the bigwigs refuse to increase the minimum wage or at least increase wages for the employees to counter the increase in cost of living, the trickle-down effect can be blamed for the social ills that we are witnessing and is currently ravaging our nation bit by bit.

When the common man is frustrated because he cannot afford to put food on the table or some other form of depression, they will be committed to other acts such as stealing from the employer, domestic violence or even escalate to rape.

Yet, the well-to-do can afford decent houses, well-paid jobs and probably better lives.

Someone once said we must fight for our pay at work and to work hard, but with all these social ills, as the common man has to leave home before 7am to make it to work on time thus rushing the children probably through an unhealthy breakfast and by luck prepare a quick lunch.

He has to work long hours so as to get the work done and hope that management will give him a raise, come home and attend to other obligations be it the church, the vanua or even their child’s school, thus not paying attention to the child, because they can’t afford a house girl to supervise the children.

I hope you see where I am going with this — the trickle-down effect.

I continue to pray for Fiji and its leaders.

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