Tribe stays hopeful

THE yavusa Navukavu is still hopeful that authorities responsible for the removal of all derelict vessels in their iqoliqoli area would one day come and clean up the area.

Uraia Rabakele, a representative from the yavusa took a team from this newspaper for a tour along the Draunibota Bay where most derelict vessels were dumped.

“Draunibota Bay is like a dump site for derelict vessels now and it’s funny no one thinks of it that way,” Mr Rabakele said.

“One thing relevant authorities need to understand is that our iqoliqoli serves as a destination for access to marine food to all the people from all the 14 provinces living around Suva and Lami,” he said.

“There are just too many derelict vessels in our iqoliqoli area, most of which had been under water for years.

“Many vessels too are floating here just waiting to go down to the bottom of the sea.

Mr Rabakele said their iqoliqoli area had been under the marine protected area for the past ten years and the disowned vessels were not doing any good for their preservation.

“It’s the least we could do to be able to show some importance to our future generations that we care also for them,” he said.

“This is our marine resources, our forefathers depended on it, we’re hardly depending on it for food right now and one can imagine what would be left of it for our future generations.”

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