Tree planting for national park rehabilitation

Update: 1:53PM THREE hundred trees were planted this morning at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes as part of the rehabilitation of the National Park.

The initiative was led by Government ministries and departments,
the hotel industry, students and other stakeholders. 

Led by the Permanent secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism,
Shaheen Ali in partnership with the National Trust of Fiji, the event is the 10th activity identified in the
National Work Programme.

The planting of ‘dilio’ trees is part of a series of events
under Fiji’s National Work Programme on Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes is an
ideal site as it is part of Fiji’s heritage and history with pottery more than
2,600 years old has been uncovered at the site and the Dunes are said to be one
of the largest burial sites in the Pacific.

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