Treaty in line with Fiji’s labour laws

THE ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Right (ICESCR) treaty would be in line with Fiji’s constitution to protect our workers under the current labor laws.

While answering clarifications to the Standing Committee on the ICESCR treaty today, senior legal officer at the Solicitor General’s office Seema Chand highlighted how the treaty would protect workers’ rights in Fiji.

” In terms of ICESCR, I’m article 7, everyone has the right to just commissions of work, ensuring a decent living for his or her self and family, people pay for equal work, safe and healthy working conditions, equal opportunity for everyone to be promoted, and including rest and leisure rights,” she said.

“This is in correspondence with Section 33 of the Constitution in terms of right to work in a just minimum wage.”

She also highlighted there were various corresponding provisions in our labor laws, particularly the employment relations act.

“Article 11, everyone has the right to form and join trade unions and the right to strike. These are also set out in the constitution,” she said.

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