Treat for Capital City dwellers

The new Suva Central Ltd food court in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE newly opened Suva Central Ltd food court includes 10 outlets including a coffee shop — out of which six are already operating.

This was confirmed by Suva Central Ltd board chairman Kevin McCarthy yesterday who also confirmed that out of the 10 outlets eight were already taken while the coffee shop was doing final testing to its equipment.

“We have a space available for a pizza outlet with a keen interest already shown. One shop will be opened later in the month which provides for local non-veg curry.

The last outlet is for a health bar in the middle of the food court,” he said.

He said the food court was unique when compared with the rest of the facilities for that fact that it was fully air conditioned and located in the middle of the central business district with all outlets serving different cuisines and the food prices were reasonable.

According to Mr McCarthy the atmosphere was relaxing and laidback with a pleasant seating arrangement.

He said opening hours would be from 8am – 9pm during the weekdays including Saturday and 9am- 5pm on Sundays, free parking after 5pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday from 3pm and Sunday all day provided a receipt for any purchase from the food court produced.

The official opening of the facility will take place on Monday October 22.

Meanwhile Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant (Suva Central) opened its outlet for business yesterday with a great response from customers.

Restaurant owner Raju Raniga said he spent about $80,000 to $90,000 on the outlet which employed eight staff members.

Mr Raniga said they only served the food at the outlet while all of their cooking was done at their centralised kitchen in the city.

“I have chefs from India who do the cooking and this is because we want to continue the consistency of the recipes that we sell.”

Mr Raniga said all the dishes offered at the Suva Central outlet were the same as the rest of their restaurants however he confirmed that he had plans to bring in something new for their sweets side.