Training workshop for first-ever Domestic Violence Act

A WEEK-LONG training workshop focusing on the implementation of Kiribati’s first-ever Domestic Violence Act was held in Nadi recently.

The training was held by the Kiribati Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs in partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community Regional Rights Resource Team and aimed to ensure safety and protection of all people, including children, who experience or witness domestic violence.

Kiribati police inspector Eribwebwe Takirua said the training had changed the attitudes of police towards domestic violence.

‘Domestic violence is always regarded as a private matter and we as police officers can challenge that,” Inspector Takirua said.

“This is the right time, where we can prepare the police officers before the Te Rau N Te Mweenga Act (Family Peace Act for Domestic Violence) becomes effective so they know their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Act.

“The police department is dominated by men and we need to change their mind-set and behaviour towards those affected by domestic violence.”

Kiribati Ministry of Health principal nursing officer and gender-based violence co-ordinator Teoraiti Tetoa said as a result of the training, health service providers had a better understanding of their roles.

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