Training equips women with sewing skills

Women of Nagigi at the sewing workshop in Labasa. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THERE is a ray of hope for 45 housewives in three settlements of Labasa after the completion of business workshop aimed at empowering them economically.

Headed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the women of Vunika, Nagigi and Soasoa attended a week-long workshop that equipped them with sewing skills and knowledge.

Macuata youth administrator Shalendra Vishwa said these housewives could now earn an income while staying at home.

“They will be provided with a sewing machine each and they can do their sewing from home and sell it to their customers,” he said.

“This training has been designed to empower our rural women economically, ensuring that they can also support their families.

“We may have some single mothers and through this training, they can earn their own income.”

Mr Vishwa said this was the first training workshop to be held in the area.

“The response was good and more women wanted to be part of this training but we could only take in 45 participants for the first training,” he said.

“We will have more similar trainings in this area to cater for the pending applicants.”

Vunika advisory councillor Chandar Deo thanked the Government for organising such initiative for women in his area.

“This is a great move by the Ministry of Youth and I thank their minister Laisenia Tuitubou for allowing this training,” he said.

“Our women will be empowered and that’s important.”

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