Training and tools for villagers

A BOAT MASTERS and Class 6 Restricted Master/Engineer Training for seafarers was held by the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) at Waiqanake Village.

The training helped participants learn about safety, navigation, maintenance, voyage planning and use of equipment while out at sea.

“MSAF conducts boat masters training regularly to ensure seafarers, especially in rural areas, get regular and affordable access to safety and general maritime training,” said MSAF chief executive officer John Tunidau.

Minister of Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou closed the two-week event congratulating the graduates who received their seafarers certification.

Mr Tuitubou also provided tools and farming equipment to Waiqenake villagers to assist them in the development of their ginger farm as part of Government’s plan to assist Fijians in the agriculture sector.

Boat master’s training included the use of important lifesaving appliances (LSAs) such as life jackets, which are available at Post Fiji offices across Fiji.

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