Traffic jam

On Monday, 16/4, my friends were returning to Nadi from Suva and were astonished to see a humongous traffic jam at the Qeleloa bridge, just outside Nadi.

As they travelled into the Nadi Back Road towards Martintar, the traffic jam extended to Kerebula settlement.

That would be about three miles or so!

A family member who was travelling in the opposite direction to Nawaicoba to attend a family funeral preparation was caught in the jam.

The length of time he spent in the jam he had to abandon the trip and call his relatives to say he couldn’t attend.

That portion of the road is and was always free flowing — no jams at all.

It’s the highway for goodness sake don’t the vendors realise this!

As usual people always wonder why traffic jams happen.

The chap found out that there were three people at the Sigatoka end of Qeleloa bridge who were selling nethili (anchovies). They were spaced out at about 20 metres apart.

The portion of the road is narrow and motorists were stopping on the road to buy this delicacy.

Unfortunately it caused a traffic jam that was 3 miles long.

I’m sure the vendors will be there again. I hope the police will remove the vendors or tell them to relocate to a safer place where traffic is not hindered.

Just imagine if an ambulance carrying a serious patient had to travel that way.

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