Traffic control

I concur with the writer who mentioned the safety of the police officer at the scene of the accident in Nadi and was directing the traffic flow without the usage of the personal protective equipment such as the reflector vest on.

The purpose of this jacket is to minimise the risk and for the safety of the police officer who is engaged in this hazardous situation.

All steps shall be taken to ensure reasonable traffic control and to minimise any danger caused by the movement.

If a person is required to work at a place where moving vehicles create a risk to the safety appropriate signs, warning device, barriers, detours and high visibility clothing in accordance with the Land Transport Act shall be displayed and used to minimise the risk.

This, we do not see and should an accident occur, will raise serious liability issue.

As any employer, they are duty-bond to ensure the health and safety of all its workers.

On Tuesday morning (17.5.16) at 0800hrs it was a concern to note a police officer in uniform without the use of the reflector vest and the white hand gloves at the junction of Nawanawa Rd and Ratu Dovi Rd in Nasinu doing point duty.

The motorist appreciates the service that the police officers provide during the peak traffic hours and proactive actions must be taken by the department to eliminate or control any risk the police officers face during the execution of the traffic duties. This was highlighted previously and the commissioner must take note of such high risk concerns. We need to ensure that our roads are safe at all levels.

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