Traffic congestion frustrates PSV operators

The traffic jam at Laqere that is a common sight in the mornings. Picture: NASIK SWAMI

MOTORISTS, particularly public service transport providers, have raised concerns on the issue of traffic congestions experienced, especially on Saturdays.

And yesterday’s experience of traffic jams from Vuci Road, Rewa Bridge up to Nakasi, and from Makoi to Laqere received frustrating responses citing hindrances to public transport schedules.

Fiji Bus Operators Association general secretary Rohit Latchan said he received numerous complaints from bus operators on the issue of traffic jams faced yesterday from the morning and lasted until midday.

“It is about time something is done about this. Saturday is a very important day for everyone because people go out shopping and do things they are not able to do during the weekdays,” Mr Latchan said.

“I request the Fiji Roads Authority to do something about this.”

Mr Latchan said road works needed to be done during the night or during off-peak hours to avoid frustrations.

“In overseas countries, they do not work during the day or peak hours. The schedules for buses are being hindered and we cannot do anything about this. This has been the issue on the main Suva-Nausori corridor and also the Nadi-Lautoka corridor.”

Taxi drivers interviewed by Fiji Times Online said they also faced similar issues yesterday.

Ajesh Chand drives a taxi in Suva and said he had had to face a lot of frustrated customers.

“The traffic from Laqere to Nausori is very bad. The passengers get very angry because they can’t reach their destination on time,” Mr Chand said.

“It becomes very hard for taxi drivers like us as we get stuck with one job for nearly an hour and get only around $10. Saturday is a busy day for us and this is the day we try and make our income.”

Another taxi driver Bissun Deo drives his taxi from Nakasi and he shared similar sentiments.

“Everywhere you go, there are people repairing the road any time you go in the day. They (road workers) do not do it when there are hardly any vehicles at night. This is making our life very difficult,” said Mr Deo.

Attempts to obtain comments from the FRA proved futile.

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