Traffic chaos

In regards to the closure of Wainibokasi Rd, making it one way (near the old market area), heavy traffic hold-up has been experienced right from the beginning and end of town.

To make it worse, during peak hours of traffic, vehicles are seen queued right from the first roundabout towards the Rewa Bridge.

Yesterday it took me a good 15 minutes just to make my way from Nausori Town Council to my taxi stand (stand No.1). During average traffic, it takes less than a minute.

Just wondering why is the road closed until further notice by the town council, whereas only footpaths could have been closed off as I haven’t seen any works in progress in regards to the road or the old market.

Before coming with the idea of closing the road, was there any alternative road re-routing taken into consideration that would have eased the traffic flow and hold-up? I guess none.

Already, we taxidrivers of stand No.1 are struggling with income because of the relocation of the bus stand and market and now there is the closure of part of the road and making it one way flow has really made us fight a losing battle and taking peanuts home, because most people who board taxis from stand No.1 are seen going to other taxi stands for their convenience.

Trust me, come the weekend there will be a traffic disaster until and unless the abovementioned is seriously taken heed of.

It would be much appreciated if relevant authorities take heed of the abovementioned situation and come up with alternative plans that benefit all road users.

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