‘Traditional knowledge needed to be preserved’

Proffessor Andreas Neef presents during the workshop at the Suva Holiday Inn this morning. Picture LUKE RAWALAI

ANCESTORS of people in the Pacific were well aware of their environment and had traditional knowledge that helped them adapt with their climate.

In an interview University of Auckland’s Development Studies director Professor Andreas Neef said this traditional knowledge needed to be preserved and readopted in order to help Pacific islanders adapt better to the effects of climate changes.

Speaking during the ‘Climate Change Adaptation in Post-Disaster Recovery Processes: Disaster Affected Communities in Fiji’ workshop this morning Prof Neef said the indigenous people knew indicators in the environment that marked the start of a storm.

“Due to higher frequencies in disasters local knowledge may not be able to prepare people in time but it is good to fuse them with scientific research to prepare communities,” he said.

Held at the Suva Holiday Inn the workshop is funded by the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research.

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