Trading lowest in the past five weeks

THE South Pacific Stock Exchange’s market news flash for last week showed that share trading in terms of value and volume fell to its lowest level during the past five weeks.

This after only 8308 shares were sold for $23,099 over six trades compared with the week earlier which also recorded a low value of $35,081 for 17,960 shares.

The only exception was during the week ended March 29 where 28,173 shares were sold for $249,783.

This was the only time during the past five weeks that the total share consideration had gone beyond the $100k mark whereas for the other weeks from week ended March 16 to last week, the week ended April 13, the total consideration had been well below $100k.

Positive price gains were recorded for Fiji Television Ltd (FTV) which posted a 1.85 per cent gain and closed the week at $2.20 per share after opening at $2.16 and VB Holdings Ltd (VBH) which closed the week at $6 per share after gaining $0.25 or 4.35 per cent. These gains kept the total market capitalisation increasing from $2,058,957,425 (April 6) to $2,059,903,776 during the week ended April 13.

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