Trade missions to PNG up, says Hoot

PORT MORESBY,24 AUGUST 2018 (POST COURIER) – The Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) has reported that trade missions from developed countries in the region are visiting PNG more frequently this year.

And according to acting managing director of the IPA Clarence Hoot, visiting missions are looking beyond the tough PNG economic conditions at the many opportunities in a host of sectors that the country has to offer.

“It has increased this year (and) they always come in groups from delegates of 12 and up. I’d say there is a slight increase from what we had last year. Last year we were getting maybe one group every two months,” he said.

“We had the US, New Zealand, two from Australia, two from China and this will be the tenth one this year.

“Now they are coming almost every month.

“They are exploring the extractive industries but are also looking for other options in the renewable sector.

“We have had interest in agriculture, fisheries, and tourism. An interesting sector that we have also seen an interest in is the IT sector the communication and information technology space.”

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