Town declaration: Minister responds to question on Navua development

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

THERE are infrastructure upgrading requirements that need to be completed before Navua can be declared a town.

This is the word from Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar.

In her response to a written question asked in Parliament early last month on the progress of development plans in place to upgrade the facilities in Navua, Ms Kumar said Government had established an important principle that before a township declaration, certain basic infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and streetlights must be up to standard for a town in Fiji.

She said the ministry, through the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) was in the process of upgrading the infrastructure.

For road upgrade, Ms Kumar said, $10 million has been invested by FRA to date, with $3.5m spent on upgrading Naitonitoni Rd, $1.3m on the Navua Hospital road safety improvements and $5.2m on rehabilitation of the Namelimeli section on Queens Rd.

Footpaths have also been upgraded with an investment of $162,000 so far, while a total of $34,000 has been used by FRA for street cabling for streetlights.

“Fiji Roads Authority has informed that the balance for road upgrades within the town shall be completed over the next two years,” she said.

“In addition, land has been acquired at Naitonitoni for construction of a town council office.

“National Fire Authority has acquired a lot adjacent to the proposed Navua Town Council office and the new fire station shall be completed over the next fiscal years.”

She added that once FRA indicated to the ministry that the provision of the agreed infrastructure was complete, the formalisation of the declaration of Navua as a town would then proceed.

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