Town bids Bala farewell

AFTER more than a decade of mayoral duties in towns across the Western Division, Praveen Bala’s appointment as Minister for Local Government has been hailed as “befitting”.
And yesterday supporters and well-wishers bid him a bittersweet farewell as he made a series of visits around Ba to personally say goodbye.

Mr Bala has relocated to Suva where he resumes work, albeit in a new office.

“We are really happy for his appointment and proud of his election,” said Ba Town Council CEO Dip Narayan.

“Considering his extensive years of service, we think he is the most capable for the job and we definitely look forward to what we know will be positive changes in local governance.”

Mr Bala was appointed mayor of Ba in 1997 and holds the distinction of being the youngest to have served in such a position in the country.

He served as mayor for 12 years before the post was formally dissolved and was appointed special administrator for Lautoka.

Last year, he resumed SA duties over Ba, Tavua and Nadi, following the dismissal of Arun Prasad and Aisea Tuidraki.

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