Tourney to produce future reps

THE 2018 Nadi Airports International Volleyball tournament will be a good opportunity for the national selectors to scout for talents.

Tournament official Joe Gray said the tournament would feature more than 2000 players and surely some untapped talents would surface during the competition.

He said some hidden talents spotted from the past tournaments had been offered employment by some organisations and this would inspire the players to give their best.

“It is a good platform for Fiji Volleyball Association to scout from and actually see some hidden talents from these organisations,” said Gray.

“I’m not sure of the timing and how it will work but nevertherless we have been blessed and grateful for the fact that most of the professional volleyball players have been provided employment by various organisations.

“For us that is something good we get from this sport that they are able to be recognised for their skills and be part of the commercial community.”

Meanwhile, Gray said two new features for this year’s tournament was the presence of the laughing Samoans and the Police Jazz Band to entertain the participants.

He said the competition would also be an opportune time for participants to socialise.

He also thanked the participants and the organisers for their commitment to host the biggest volleyball competition in the region.

“I must commend on the organisations that has shown interest and believe in our cause.”

“We don’t do advertising but we continue to grow and forever grateful to the committee members for sacrificing their time to share the spirit of volleyball.

“It is also a day to take time out of the office and socialise, build networks and strengthen relationships.”

A total of 210 teams from 80 organisations will feature in the competition scheduled at Nadi’s Prince Charles Park on September 29.

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