Tourists get a taste of Fijian bowling hospitality

Passengers from the cruise liner playing in a friendly game against the Suva Bowling club yesterday.Picture:ATU RASEA

TOURISTS from the MV Pacific Aria cruise ship were hosted to a bowling match at the Suva Bowling Club by the Suva Bowls Association.

The cruiseliner arrived into the Suva Port earlier yesterday morning.

Tour director John Graham said it was the second for bowlers to be hosted in Fiji.

“We came over two years ago and it is a good chance for bowlers to go on a trip like this,” Graham said.

“Everyone is excited to play here, the weather is a bit hot and we are enjoying our one-day event with the local Fijian bowlers.”

About 30 bowlers from New Zealand were present yesterday and were hosted to ‘lovo’ after their games.

MV Pacific Aria cruise ship guests hosted to a match with the Suva Bowling Club by the Suva Bowls Association

“So we advertise to all bowling clubs in New Zealand and send brochures where people apply. This cruise bowls tour is getting pretty popular and every year we get in a few more players who want to come along so it is a good initiative and competition,” said Graham.

Suva Bowls official Dan Lum-On said they were excited to have New Zealand bowlers come into the country for a good day of competition.

“We are happy to have these bowlers from New Zealand come over and give a good competition for us,” Lum-On said.

“It is something new and most of us are experiencing for the first time. It is also good to see a lot of locals coming in and were very responsive to this invite.

“We hope this will continue through the years to help better our skills and relationship with bowlers from other countries.” |

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