Tourist property invests in refurbishment

Crusoe's Retreat has 28 bure with separate bathroom facilities. Picture: MONIKA SINGH

ONE of Fiji’s best kept secrets — Crusoe’s Retreat — has come a long way since its establishment in the 1950s with plans to take it up to be a three or four-start resort.

The resort is located next to the Namaquamaqua Village and owned by Neal Group and group general manager Scott Lee said the owner of the property had a vision and that vision had started to take shape just recently.

Mr Lee said they had been carrying out some refurbishing works and small additions to the property such as pathways.

One such improvement is the Taki Beach Bar and Grill, located right next to the ocean to provide guests with a delicious ocean breeze and scenic view to accompany the fresh food and cocktails on offer there, with Mr Lee describing it as being “like heaven on Earth”.

A 22-seater spa pool is also due to be installed later this week, which will allow guests to kick back, relax and soak up the atmosphere of the most welcoming place in the world amidst warmth and comfort.

He said Crusoe’s Retreat had 28 bure but they had plans to convert two of them into a world-class spa.

“We are going to bring a luxury spa brand to our resort and I don’t believe its in Fiji yet, so we will be the first to bring in this famous spa brand to Fiji,” he said.

The resort held a celebration to mark its continuing revitalisation at the resort on Friday last week.

Mr Lee said this was the high season for tourism but they were not at full capacity. However he said they had a vision to take the occupancy rate to full capacity for the rest of year and he was confident they would get there.

“We’re immensely proud of how far we’ve come since last year here at Crusoe’s Retreat, and the best part is we still have so much more on the way,” Mr Lee said.

The resort’s marketing team is responsible for marketing the resort both overseas and locally and Mr Lee said it was wonderful to see many locals visit the resort which was thanks to their general manager who was a perfect team building expert.

He said their general manager was very influential in attracting corporate groups who went to the resort for team building sessions.

One thing that guests would notice during their stay at the resort was the absence of a television set in the rooms and Wi-Fi.

Mr Lee said they wanted their guests to relax while they stayed at the resort which explained the absence of TV.

He encouraged locals to take time out for themselves and stay at the resort, spend time together and “fall in love” again.

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