Tourist attraction plan

PLANS are in the pipeline to develop the disctrict of Nadogo as a spot for tourists attraction.

This was told by Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya during the Bilibili race at Wainikoro yesterday.

“I would like to commend the great work done by the Nadogo Bilibili Association thus far and with the formation of the association just a month ago, the association intends to empower the youth in the area and organising this bilibili race is a good way to bring everyone together, especially the youth of Nadogo,” he said.

Mr Koya said with the association’s plans to introduce activities which could attract more tourists to the district of Nadogo; they hope to promote adventure tourism offerings in the country.

“These would also showcase other areas of the country outside the main tourism hot spots,” he said.

“It will include activities such as shark feeding, mountain climbing, hiking, diving and kayaking to name a few.”

Mr Koya said in doing so, those activities would directly contribute to a key strategy of Government’s Tourism Development Plan.

“The plans that are also known as the Fijian Tourism 2021, to diversify our tourism market beyond the traditional sun, sand and sea for which we are famously known for,” he said.

“Through this event, we would be able to do just that and through tourism the Fijian Government spreads the tourism dollar through the communities to help develop and improve our local livelihoods.”

Nadogo chief Ratu Ilisaniti Malodali said he supported the Nadogo Bilibili Associations’s plans to have Nadogo as one of the toursist spots.

“This is great and I fully support this as it would contribute to the developments around the village and the vanua of Macuata as a whole.”

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