Tourist arrivals up

THE provisional visitor arrival from January to May this year is 262,992, a 7.4 per cent increase compared with the same period in 2014, which were 244,890.

According to Tourism Fiji, the increase is a good sign for the tourism industry and a positive indication for the year ahead.

“The increase in visitor arrivals illustrates that the tourism industry is growing and that Tourism Fiji’s strategic marketing campaigns throughout its six regional offices and two market representative offices have been effective in getting more visitors to Fiji,” said Tourism Fiji global public relations manager Patricia Mallam.

The increases in chartered flights and new routes, she said, had also been a contributing factor to the increasing visitor arrivals. The top three countries for visitor arrivals based on the Fiji Bureau of Statistics provisional statistics from January to May this year are ­— Australia, New Zealand, and the US — which are Tourism Fiji’s key source markets.

However, there were increases in the number of visitors from China, the rest of Asia, Pacific Islands and Canada.

Fiji’s earnings from tourism for the March quarter (first quarter) of 2015 is provisionally estimated at $310.7million.

This, Ms Mallam said, represented a $24.8m or 8.7 per cent increase over the March quarter of 2014 earnings of $285.9m.

“Australian visitors contributed $168.8 million or 54.3 per cent of the earnings from tourism with $32.6m or 10.5 per cent attributed to New Zealand visitors,” she said.

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