Tourism ‘needs renewable energy’

THE tourism sector, being a key economic driver for the Pacific, has a significant role to play in the collective effort on climate change, says South Pacific Tourism Organisation chief executive officer Christopher Cocker

“The only way forward is to transition into sustainability,” he said.

The SPTO chief made the comment after participating at the Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) Event at Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva last week.

“The tourism sector needs to shift to renewable energy sources and commit to sustainable practices,” Mr Cocker said.

He said Government support was crucial, particularly through the provision of incentives for private sector investment in transformative technology.

“These changes will happen only through public-private partnerships that advance climate action in the tourism sector and reinforcing the need to work together for a resilient future.

“Pacific tourism stakeholders including our Governments, development partners, donors, civil societies and communities need to move beyond the ‘business as usual’ approach and make real changes that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve and protect the fragile natural environment that tourism depends on” Mr Cocker said.

He said being made custodians of our Pacific Islands was a duty we needed to fulfil because if we were not careful, we would not only lose our homes but also the economic benefits that sustained our livelihoods.

SPTO was represented by Mr Cocker and manager sustainable tourism development Christina Leala-Gale.

The aim of the event was to support and strengthen the participation of Pacific Small Island Developing States (P-SIDS) in the global climate agenda.

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