Tourism is sustainable, says Brown

THE Cook Islands Minister of Finance Mark Brown is adamant tourism is sustainable and issues that arise are being dealt with by the government.

Titikaveka MP Sel Napa had called for measures to slow down tourism in Rarotonga, saying the infrastructure is under strain.

Ms Napa said the Asian Development Bank had warned power, water and sewerage were among the facilities that needed upgrading.

But Mr Brown said the Government had a major water project in progress and aimed to get renewable energy running across the country by the beginning of next year.

He said accommodating the recorded number of tourists was manageable.

“What we’re starting to see now is that increase numbers and benefits flowing down the grassroots levels with the increase number of holiday homes being put for holiday accommodation, so the increase use of Air BnB is seeing direct benefits flow down to home owners, land owners who are putting up holiday homes for short term stays.”

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