Tora: More to be done

MEN have been urged to come out and speak freely about prostate cancer and the effect it has had on their lives.

Fiji Cancer Society, western support group president, Balavu Tora said a lot more needed to be done to get men to overcome fear and shame and to speak openly about prostate cancer.

“It may be culture that is the barrier,” she said.

“Even when we have morning tea events to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, it is usually the women who fill up the events, but this is not fair because the men need to be there as well.

“It is them who will be affected too, because a person affected can be their wife or daughter or mother.”

She said there had been growing interest from businesses to host similar awareness campaigns for Movember as they did for Pinktober.

“We request our male counterparts to come and speak boldly like the women did.

“Now because we are already talking about prostate cancer, you can feel the interest is there.”

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